Stop the Duck Face Before It’s Too Late (17 pics)

A young person puckering their lips as they stare intensely into a camera has become a dreaded Internet epidemic. If you see anyone making such a face with the intention of posting it online, do anything you can to stop them before it’s too late.


Most victims don't know how terrible they look.

This disease makes otherwise attractive women look mentally ill.

This is a sub-class of the illness know as "Ziggy Star-Duck Face".

Strangely, a lot of the victims look eerily similar.

After years of being afflicted, victims will actually start to take the form of a duck.

Often times, Duck Face is paired with strange hand gestures.

It's not only blondes who are affected by this plague.

Sometimes, the victims gender become hard to determine.

It seems to become involuntary in some victims, hence the surprised look on this unfortunate soul.

Another hand gesture. Researchers now believe this may be a cry for help.

Though predominately found in females, males have been found to be stricken as well.

This unfortunate victim looks pained by her affliction.

This is an advanced case of the disease; she will probably never be able to take a normal picture again.

Scientists are working tirelessly to find the link between Duck Face and hideous eye makeup.

In prolonged cases, the mouth seems to want to engulf the rest of the face in one big, terrifying pout.

Previously though to be a disease that only afflicted caucasians, signs of the illness affecting other races prove that no one is safe.

Prehaps most unsettling is our poor children are starting to show symptoms of this ravaging illness.

Symptoms of Duck Face include lips thrust forward in an imitation of water fowl, usually accented with heavy eyeliner, glowing orange skin, and occasionally strange Emo hair-dos. Alcohol tends to worsen these symptoms. If you see the warning signs of the dreaded Duck Face happening to a friend or loved one, slap the shit out of them. You too, can help prevent this horrible disease from spreading. Educate yourself so that you and your friends won't fall victim.


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  1. oscardewilde
    B L A M !
  2. Marini
    If it's so terrible, why keep posting those pics?!?! Ignore it.
  3. Fenrisulven
    Posts like this keeps it popular... They're attention whores, don't feed them!
  4. quack
    a right quack-up
  5. orendadude
    They stop the duck thing as soon as you go up their rear me!
  6. Tarzan
    Shut the Duck up!
  7. eco26
    Without exception, duck face is ugly. Very provoking.
  8. Enter your name
    Comments were funnier than actual pics...
  9. Peanut
  10. pussy
    its actualy hot i want her to suck my cock
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    scary xD
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    because being deformed looking is terribly sexy

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