Internationally Wretched Potato Chip Flavors (31 pics)

From China and Japan to the U.K. these potato chips will make you lose your appetite quickly.


Cajun squirrel, U.K.

Chili and chocolate, U.K.

Crispy duck and Hoisin sauce, U.K.

Lamb and mint, U.K.

Steak and onion, U.K.

Shrimp cocktail, U.K.

Red caviar, Russia

Blue crab, U.S.A.

Cheddar and beer, U.S.A.

Margarita, U.S.A.

Golden wonder sausage and tomato, U.K.

Roast chicken, U.K.

Poutine, Canada

Kebab, Europe

Smoked salmon with capers, New Zealand

Salmon sushi, Japan and Australia

Kangaroo and emu, Australia

Mint, U.K.

Worcestershire sauce, U.K.

Seaweed, Eastern Asia

Blueberry, China

Kiwi, China

Tuna salad, Thailand

Hot chili squid, Thailand

Kimchi, Japan

Hamburger, Japan

Pizza, Japan

Ceasar salad, Japan

Cucumber, Japan

Builders breakfast, U.K.

Haggis, U.K.


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  1. lafksd
    what?!? some of these sound delicious!
  2. kazzadl
    Pretty ordinary flavours
  3. ChuckNorris
    got most of the ones from the uk in my cupboard nowt wrong with em
  4. Neko
    #31 - and we have a winner!
  5. Aditard
    Fuck all wrong with any of them crisps from the UK
  6. Enter your name
    i would eat 80% of that list
  7. Enter your name
    Of the UK ones the only ones that are horrible are the chilli and chocolate. The two flavours just don't work together.
  8. kool
    #5 Steak & Onion
    #12 Roast Chicken

    Both are pretty delicious.

    in the other hand #1 & #22 Dont.
  9. Simon Wells
    Let me expand on some of the UK flavours listed.

    1> Cajun Squirrel is a joke flavour created by Walkers Crisps, the UK brand name for Lays. They created a few unusual flavours, some featured in this post, and the public get to vote on their favourite.
    2> Chilli and Chocolate, the same as #1Stupid combo!!
    3> Duck and Hoisin, the same as #1 but Crispy Duck and Hoisin sauce is a popular dish to get from Chinese restaurants.
    4> Lamb and Mint, available for several years based off the traditional English Dinner Lamb with Mint Sauce.
    5> Steak & Onion available for years an not exclusive to this brand.
    6> Prawn Cocktail, same as #5 but probably available before it.
    11> I am not certain this is from UK, however the Golden Wonder brand certainly is from UK and was around before Walkers/Lays muscled in and change of the packet colours, why did they do that!! Sausage and Ketchup, another English type Dinner combo.
    12> Same as #5 another original flavour.
    18> Mint, that's not a UK product as its the Lays brand.
    19> Another that has been around for years and used by various brands.
    30> Haggis same as #1

    Would love to try some of the others too.
  10. Yuka
    Cucumber and Caesar salad are Chinese, not Japanese !! please !!!!
  11. NemmyK
    Chili and Chocolate are probably a terrible potato chip... but is a traditional treat in certain Spanish cultures.
  12. Crispy Seagull
    Stupid title. Nothing wrong with any of them.

    Chilli and chocolate is astounding combination because of the chemistry involved. One can now get chilli flavoured dark chocolate. Good stuff!
  13. izzimyfizzi
    Australian one is fake. They ran a competition to make a new flavor, and that was one of the entries. Needless to say, it didn't make the cut.
    Our most popular ones are: Salt and vinager, Cheese and onion, Roast beef and honey mustard and bbq flavor.
  14. Enter your name
    Salmon sushi potato chips is Chinese, not Japanese.

    ... and kimchi potato chips is chinese too.
  15. aet
    in germany we have currywurst flavour :P
  16. ptpie                    show commment
  17. Mahiwa
    wow,20 is the most basical and classical flavor in Japan.
    This seasoning is mere savory saltiness.
    It is Copernican revolution for me that Nori(one of esculent seaweeds) is "wretched"to people who don't have a custom of eating seaweed.

    16,21,22,25,28,29 are not of Japan.
    (21,22 and 28,29 are the same manufacturer.)

    I also find an interest thing about 25;This manufacturer's name is "Oishi",it is same pronunciation of "delicious" in Japanese.
    I felt embarrassed if they are using deliberately.
  18. orendadude
    People worldwide have no taste.
  19. Arturchik
    it's not a real food....
  20. Enter your name
    wow so many shitflavors!

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