Amazing 118 Wallypower Yacht (45 pics)

Meet the Wally 118 Wallypower yacht. This technical wonder with a composite hull and black glass panels provides a unique combination of a luxurious interior and shapes of a special tactics vessel. The most expensive version of 118 Wallypower is propelled by three gas turbines with the total power output of 16,800 horsepower and its price is $33 million dollars.



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  1. djp
    It's not exactly pretty.

    Having just visited the Royal Yacht Britannia and admired its understated (albeit dated) elegance, it's apparent that the historically rich have far more taste than any of the nouveau riche that will be purchasing this.

    Also, 'Wally' is slang in the UK for idiot.
  2. Enter your name
    shit look like a stealth boat, arm it with a cannon and fight pirates haha :D
  3. Fact
    At the maximum speed of 60 knots (110 km/h) the gas turbine uses 900 gallons / 3500 liters per hour, that's 1/5 of it's total capacity.
  4. samthesham
    Shouldn't there be some kind of gate to stop passenger from just sliding out the back of the boat when it starts to accelerate quickly?
  5. ptpie
    money pit
  6. E.
    Wow :O that's very nice.
  7. Neko
    007 boat
  8. Seb
    This isn't about Uli but John HAPPY NEW YEAR'S and thank you so much for believing in sooemne who no ever heard of an knew nothing of before your list. I appreciated every last thing that was done and I wish you and your family love happiness success and togeheriness always and guidance and proctection from the Most high always. Keep them on their toes John cause that's what u do.
  9. Alcineide
    Hi John,Thank you for the wonderful ptnoier to my blog. I'm afraid I will have to delay updates on 'MonsterMania!' due to legal issues. But as soon as I can I will post away.So good to see more of your mind-boggling work! hope to meet you one day.ULI
  10. Heidi
    OH MY not our Tom, Who would have thought that a Delaware dorcemat would fluff up his record to make himself look good. But look at his mentor LOL he went from the bottom of his class in law school all the way to VPOTUS and if were lucky he and his incompetent boss will just fade away in a couple of years and go write worthless memoirs.

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