Can I Still Call You Dad? (6 pics)

This unusual story happened in an ordinary family in London. John Ozimek asked his daughter Tash before the girl’s 16th birthday what she thought was the most embarrassing thing that he could ever do. After a minute’s hesitation Tash replied with a joke. If only she knew that it would turn out to be not so funny in the end…


The girl said that she’d be the most embarrassed if her dad dressed up as a woman in front of her friends. After an awkward pause John confessed that that was exactly what he intended to do. It was shocking news for Tash that her father – a nerdy and intellectual 54 year old IT consultant and Oxford graduate – has always had a dream of becoming a woman.

Last year John underwent surgical sex re-assignment and hormone therapy and is now known as Jane Fae.


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  1. ALeach
    Izismile really needs a down vote button.
  2. A LEECH
    It does - I just voted you down!
  3. Enter your name
    If he is happier, good for him. Looks like his family supports him as well. Great going!
  4. Sambone
    No one wrote an article when my dad did this...

    ... my dad's hotter than her dad.
  5. orendadude
    Another whack job gets some fame while I throw up on my lap!!
  6. Hmmm
    This from the guy who has an avatar of furries having sex. Me thinks you doth protestest too much.
  7. cnacna
    He/she looks like that Monty Python guy, Eric Idle...
  8. Tarzan
    What the actual fuck
  9. Nazrat
    Tranny men have two emotions: Emo and Gay.
    If you see him without an erection, make him a woman :)
  10. PoPo
    Mentally ill!
  11. Enter
    Kill it with FIRE!!
  12. Enter your name
    I knew it would not take long before Izi would launch another one of those transgender/travestite items... obsessions can't be taken away easy.

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