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  1. ALeach
    What do expect when a lot of the world still lives as if it's the 12th century.
  2. Enter your name
    And its getting worse. You'd think a "civilized" (meant sarcastically) country like the US would be better off. Just look at the tea party climate, no respect for women at all.
  3. orendadude
    100% of these posters were created by left wing, liberal feminists!
  4. Met
    1 in 3 women are killed by gender based violence? So it's the #1 cause of death for women worldwide? I call BS on that.
  5. Freddo
    86.4% of all internet statistics have been made up
  6. gigantes
    women have it worse than men in a lot of ways, and it shouldn't take statistics or a degree in rocket science to grasp that.
  7. Snake Plissken
    "tea party climate" responsible for disrespect of women - what a joke! It's the left dissing Sarah Palin, Barbara Bachman, Janice Brewer, etc. The left are the true genderists, racists, and classists. The right strives for an even footing for all.

    As to women in the US economy, the percentage of woman owned business is now >30% and rising.

    The REAL threat to women is the islamic societies, not the US.
  8. J
    As a Canadian who has lived in the USA I can say with no bias that if anyone has disrespect for women in the USA is it Democratic men and women who show total disrespect for Conservative female politicians.
  9. Tarzan
    I see a nipple
  10. eco26
    Why Impressionism?
  11. Neko
    Aye, they should conform to Socialist Realism style of painting.
  12. gigantes
    whoever told you that was impressionism needs to go back to art school.
  13. samthesham
    Kudos to all the conservatives saying it like it needs to be. You wanna get angry at something? Get at mad at the constant violation of women's rights (human rights for that matter) that take place in Africa, the middle east, and Asia. The US should be the last thing anyone bitches about.
  14. Peanut
    I doubt if they teach impressionism in art colleges these days.
  15. Enter your name
    lol someones is a sexist
  16. Grimmer
    Liberals are the worst sexists of all. The lefty libs own Hollywood and they will only hire a woman if she is "Fuc*able" Very few are allowed to rise above this qualification. You have to have to talent of a Streep to overcome it. They regularly insult conservative women and the supposed "Women"s group" NOW only stands behind lefty lib women, they will not even speak up for a conservative woman. The liberal left does not have the ability to realize how wrong they are about nearly everything. Few of their arguments hold up under a strong, disinfecting light. That's why when they are asked a real question they run for the shadows and exclaim " Call and make an appointment for an interview" then never reply. Like roaches running for a dark place. Pitiful bunch.
  17. trollolol
    women only need the right to be in the kitchen

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