Chinese Family Lives in Abandoned Toilet (13 pics)



Many people who aren’t satisfied with their living conditions have probably never heard about one remarkable man from China.


Zeng Lingjun didn’t have enough money to pay for the college, so he moved to Shenyang – the biggest city in northeast China – and started to work as a cobbler.

At first the man had only 50 yuan ($8) in his pocket, but due to his hard work and high cobbling skills he was soon earning around 2,000 yuan ($315) per month. Still, it wasn’t enough to afford the decent apartment, so Zeng Lingjun moved into the abandoned toilet in one of the hotels.

Now the man is married and has a small kid. The Lingjun family all live in the toilet which is just 19 square meters in size. However, the man managed to find the room there even for a tiny cobbler workshop. Zeng Lingjun had once saved up enough money to buy a normal room, but he had to come back to his old toilet house because it was too expensive to keep it.


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  1. Mr. Ree
    That is a pretty shitty place to live....
  2. eco26
    Is it legal?
  3. rzstr
    stop reproducing!
  4. Sigh
    True love. No, seriously.
  5. koaaw
    Damn now I know why I alwayes look fot so long Man toilet
  6. Enter your name
    But he has Calvin Kleijn bed sheets -_-
  7. orendadude
    One day he was flushed and feeling really pissy. He got the runs and took the plunge into the shit and has been squatting ever since.
  8. soni6085
    if someone have courage n will he can make a perfect world to live in hell too......
  9. koowilliams
    i wish i can help... but china is too big... i wish the big country can help... but china is still too big...
  10. Axy
    I wish them good fortune and hope their situation improves. The gov should take better care of their citizens.
  11. Neko
    Nice of you to care, but that won't happen in a communist country.
  12. Enter your name
    I think you mean restroom not toilet.

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