Expensive Reasons to Never Throw Away Toys (27 pics)

From Care Bears to Transformers these awesome collectables are now worth a lot of dough on eBay.


She-Ra and Horse Action Figure (in box): $999.99

Single Matchbox Car (slight damage): $500,000.00

Princess Diana Bear Beanie Baby with Trading Cards: $2,000,000.00

He-Man Skeletor and Villains Action Figures (Mint Condition): $4,995.00

Transformers Optimus Prime Truck: $2,795.00

First Edition Pound Puppies Plush: $4,995.00

Gameboy: $750.00

Nerf Football (in package, some wear): $295.00

"The Little Mermaid" Dolls (Set of 4): $399.99

Super Soaker Watergun: $320.00

Filling Station of Thomas The Tank Engine Set (single piece): $2,159.99

Castlevania Handheld Game: $499.99

Baby Bratz Doll: $375.00

Single Rare Pokemon Card: $14,999.95

Stretch Armstong (set of 7 figures): $17,800.00

Cabbage Patch Kid: $2,000.00

My Little Pony: $599.99

Pair of Care Bears: $1,200.00

Strawberry Shortcake Banana Twirl Doll: $479.00

G.I. Joe Cobra Ninja Action Figure: $3,995.00

Rainbow Brite Doll: $315.00

Teddy Ruxpin with Cassettes: $459.00

Plush Barney: $499.99

Digimon Figures (set of 7): $2,000.00

Jem Doll: $199.00

Sega Genesis Console: $1,899.99

Furby (in box, but not mint): $499.99


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  1. ptpie
    wow digging in closet
  2. Rusty
    You picture of the "Matchbox" cars, are in fact Hot Wheels. The cars pictured are not anywhere close to being worth 500,000 dollars, those particular cars are only worth several hundred at most. The Rarest Hot Wheel is a Pink Beach Bomb of which there are only two in existence. The most recent sale of one of them was for around 110,000 dollars.
  3. gigantes
    a lot of these prices are absolutely fictional. maybe you should rename the site "izifrown" and keep posting rubbish like this.
  4. PhuckYoo
    As far as the 'values' are concerned....BUUUULLLLLSSSSHHHHHIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kingro31
    Is this what people ASK for it (dreamers) of what people actually PAY for it (idiots)?
  6. Enter your name
    this just makes me sad.
  7. Enter your name
    Aww memories, i owned #20 - Storm Shadow !!

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