Hilarious Obama Animated Gifs (19 gifs)

President Obama has been president for more than three years and these funny Gifs place him in unusual situations using the plethora of available footage.


Obama Skateboarding in Seoul

Obama Kicking Down the Door

Obama Dusting Birds Off His Shoulders

Obama the Fresh Prince

Obama + Oprah = Oprama

Sorry McCain – The Office Edition

Sorry Billy, Hello Hillary

Obama And 1 Mixtape

Obama Dancing with Ellen

Obama Eating Ice Cream

The original

Yak, Yak, Yak

Obama Making It Rain

Obama Smash

Big Smiles for Obama

Harry Potter – Obama vs Bin Laden

Who’s There?

Obama Clapping

Michelle Obama Approves


image description
  1. AndyOfBeaverton
    I don't know if I should laugh at these or cry because we elected him?
  2. gigantes
    what you should really be laughing or crying about, as the case may be, is that none of the other candidates currently on offer are remotely as viable as obama. it's a situation of an ugly flower growing amidst nothing but stinking weeds.

    but what it really comes down to is the fact that not even jesus christ, the buddah, or superstar of choice, can single-handedly save this country as the president at this point.
  3. Neko
    #10 should have a cock instead of an ice cream cone.
  4. Tarzan
    i approve

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