Torture Instruments Collection of the Last French Executioner (73 pics)

A vast collection of macabre torture instruments owned by Fernand Meyssonnier – an executioner in French Algeria who helped to guillotine the heads off more than 200 people.


The collection of more than 350 items, including thumb screws, a hand-crusher, a guillotine and the pear-shaped instrument meant to be inserted into the victim's mouth and then slowly expanded during the questioning had been put up for sale after the man’s death in 2008 but the sale was cancelled after the numerous protests.


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  1. Daff
    You gotta love the church and the christians ways to slaughter people in the most brutal ways...
  2. john
    it was not for the mouth...
  3. surik
    French Algeria ?????
    Of course these items were use before that war ....
  4. orendadude
    Way to go god people. Way to spread your message of love, respect and faith in your fellow man!!! Fucking hypocrites. Should use some of this shit on the god people to test there so called faith!
  5. mm
    I can't even guess how some of those devices worked...
  6. Mr. Ree
    #15 - I like the way it has a large cross at the top to constantly remind the victim that God loves them and that he is a caring and nurturing god.
  7. easytodo
    I'm feeling sick...
  8. AnnaMolly
    Yayyyy so much fun on Izismile :D
  9. DarkWolf
    The origin of many a sex toy.
  10. r0ms
    #13 isn't this one a chastity belt ?
  11. ptpie                    show commment
  12. Tarzan
    no it isnt
  13. Spuds
    Useless without descriptions.
  14. deepuniverse
    #13 yep, its a chastity belt
    For us its fun now... but imagine the history behind each object :s
  15. raydz
    really you think it was fun ?! you must be kidding me .. they killed our parents , our mothers , with those tools , and you are loling, for sure you are the stupidest people on the earth .. in history
  16. Mr. Ree
    What are the six words you never ever want to hear a nigger say?

    "Hi, I be yo' new neighbor."

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