Stay Optimistic With These Simple Steps (28 pics)



These simple steps will crush your pessimistic tendencies and allow the optimism to flow through your veins.


Step 1: Shift your focus. Clear your mind by looking at these 3 pictures.

Step 2: Forget the whole "glass full" thing. It isn't true.

Step 3: Instead think like this.

Step 4: Let go of the assumption that the world is against you.

Step 5: Remember that no matter how bad things may be, there are always people worse off than you.

Step 5: Understand that the past does not equal the future

Step 6: Use positive affirmations.

Step 7: Explain failure and success like an optimist.

Research shows that it's not what happens that determines your mood but how you explain what happens that counts.

Step 8: Believe in the best possible outcome.

Hey, at least you look cute!

Step 9: Always remember that virtually any failure can be a learning experience, and an important step toward your next success!

Step 10: And last, but most important, smile more often!


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    That nigger is upset because that's all she could afford with her food stamps.
  3. Mr. Ree
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  4. jubyp0b
    I watched this out of boreness and got even more bored.

    Alas, why do people confuse optimism with lack of drama-queen actions or simple ignorance?

    If people would get the true 'face' of optimism, they wouldn't be so eager to be optimistic.

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