Places You’d Never Think to Find a Corgi (23 pics + 2 gifs)


Those funny looking dogs seem to end up in the darndest places, but they sure are cute.


Hovering in mid-air:

Under these pillows:

Lined up on this bench:

In The Avengers:

In this swing:

Under this coffee table:

On top of this dog:

Inside this beer box:

Leading these ducks:

Stuck in an ice cream carton:

Buried in the sand:

On Spike Spiegel’s head:

In your graduating class:

Sandwiched in a couch:

Babysitting this horse:

Hiding in a slipper:

Abraham Lincoln’s lap:

On your computer:

Stuck in this snow embankment:

Driving this car:

On this windowsill:

Staring down a lobster:

In your mixer:

On this pool floatie:

Chillaxin’ on a rainbow:


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