A Slice of Coolness (15 pics + 2 gifs)

From incredible Mother Nature to unique human creations and situations these photos are quite a sight to see.


Moon over Iceland. On the 5th of March the Moon was at the minimal distance from the Earth.

30 years after this picture was taken most of these devices became replaced by a pocket-sized gadget.

Cloud tree

1979. A volleyball game played across the fence at the border of USA and Mexico.

Can’t help but press on accelerator

The bullet cuts the waterdrop in half

Lonely tree in the middle of the lake in Canada

“Long Term Parking” by Armand Pierre Fernandez. A sculpture in the suburbs of Paris.

Traveling clouds

Raindrops on the waxed car body

Ridiculously customized Russian car

WTF is that?

Green ivy twines around the tunnel in Northumberland, UK

Zebra herd by the water

An easy trick to make the breasts look bigger

Making of the "Twilight" movie


image description
  1. Cream
    no. 13 is a scene from The Animal Singers of Bremen story transported in the fucking road, hilarious though. in the actual story they were spying into someones house in the forest; oooooooor at least they were spying..
  2. eco26
    #2 lots of SONY products!
  3. incognito562
  4. boobs
    #16 She doesn't need it
  5. orendadude
    #4-Never a grenade when you need one
  6. ronron
    There are lots of things like that in Canada.

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