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  1. itrollu
    Damn.. I've been selling my meth for $60 a gram.
    Thanks Izi! Now I can make so much more.
  2. Mr. Ree
    When you buy two $5000 high priced whores for the weekend and only cum twice, that cum is some of the highest priced material on the planet.

    But the videos can be sold and you'll make back your money threefold.

  3. sadistic_son
    This is bullshit. Scientists know about antimatter only in theory. In practice it is impossible to gather antimatter for (?!) selling purpouses... LOL...
  4. TheDERP
    In 1995, CERN announced that it had successfully brought into existence nine antihydrogen atoms by implementing the SLAC/Fermilab concept during the PS210 experiment.

    Antimatter is a collection of anti-protons, the best we can do is make just a few anti-protons, and there is no way to store them, as they die out nearly instantly after they are produced, however, we have images, and antimatter has been known to occur in storms in VERY low quantaties,
  5. Everyday
    False. Actually antimatter has in fact been successfully produced (anti-hydrogen) but the price has been calculated via how rare it is (especially compared to the second highest priced material) and how expensive it was to make it. not that they will ever sell it
  6. Fishermen
    more to the point if they did manage to gather a gram the world would explode so no one is trying to gather it either.
  7. TheDERP
    A gram wouldn't explode the whole fucking world retard, antimatter is powerful, but not THAT powerful,

    We can use it to explode New Jersey though, that might be useful.
  8. Awesomesauce
    A gram is definitely not powerful enough to explode the whole world. in fact, you two are both exaggerating its powers by way too much. antimatter can usually only destroy a single atom at a time, as once the antimatter atom mixes with positive matter, it creates a tiny amount of energy relative to the size of the atoms. therefore even if you touched a whole gram of antimatter, you probably wouldnt even die
  9. luigi0984
    that is some pricey blow..
  10. samthesham
    Their figuring the cost that went into make a few atoms of anti-matter multiplying by avogadro's number (6.02*10^23 atoms) and voila. They do have anti-matter making machines used for physics research. But they could never make produce enough anti-matter to be dangerous.
  11. loomy
    made me read about californium, its interesting what its used for..

    The major uses of californium-252 in 1982 were, in order of use, reactor start-up (48.3%), fuel rod scanning (25.3%), and activation analysis (19.4%).[59] By 1994 most californium-252 was used in neutron radiography (77.4%), with fuel rod scanning (12.1%) and reactor start-up (6.9%) as important but distant secondary uses
  12. Garry
    you forgot to include replacement ink for inkjet printers on the list
  13. gigantes
    not mentioned on the list- the 17 rare earth metals. price may or may not make the top 16 at the moment, but we use them to make our hi-tech gadgets and they are running out...
  14. Fats-T
    I agree with luigi. When I was in a certain blow producing country it could be had for about $4 US a gram if you knew who to ask.
  15. Peanut
    Poor rhinos
  16. Harmless
    who pays 130 buck for heroin?
  17. cas
    How the hell can antimatter have a mass ?
  18. TheDERP
    Anything material will have a mass, dumbass, even if it's antimatter, it still means it takes up space, and in turn: weight.
  19. Figure
    215$ per gram of cocaine? Wow.

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