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Dogs Will Show You How to Spend a Rocking Summer (25 pics)

Posted in Animals   14 May 2012   / 8739 views

If you don’t want to spoil your summer vacation completely, you should follow the guidelines given by these funny pooches, who know for sure what to do during summer time.


Run through the sprinklers

Go on a road trip

Visit the ice cream truck

Make a pillow fort

Find ways to beat the heat

Climb a tree

Go rollerblading

Go to the beach

Eat a watermelon

Go camping

Have a summer romance

Fly a kite

Work on your tan

See a summer blockbuster

Roll in the grass

Watch a sunset

Catch a Frisbee

Go swimming

Go for a bike ride

Stop and smell the flowers

See a fireworks display

Eat a popsicle

Sleep until noon

Play video games

Go to a BBQ

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Comments (2):

Harmless 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
How can the one on the bike balance
Hawkeye 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
That's actually harder to answer than you might guess. The short answer is that once a bike is going fast enough several forces tend to keep it upright. My guess is that somebody gives the dog a running start and somebody else is at the ready to catch him. Which forces are at work while he's rolling is the hard part of the answer. It's not just gyroscopic forces, it's not just the trail effect, and it's not any other single force. Research published as recently as 2011 says that it's a combination of forces. It's fascinating to me that something so simple can be such a big mystery. So much so that I felt like jibber jabbering about it here.