Man, These Girls Are Dumb beyond Belief

Must… resist… urge… to… kill… them

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  1. epawlik
    Just guerilla marketing.
  2. Raccoon
    gone horribly wrong
  3. samthesham
    Wow, sippin' starbucks with dolce gabana glasses on and the only going through their head is "yeah i needed some is money". I guess this prove that ones standard of living isn't directly related to ones ability to use common sense. Dumb ass girls! Hope they get knocked up.
  4. 233
    As dumb and remorseless as these two braindeads have just shown themselves to be, and you hope they get knocked up and reproduce?
  5. samthesham
    ur right. I hope they drive off a cliff because their were busy texting.
  6. Sambone
    Dear Parents,
    Beat sense into your kids or don't bother reproducing. Another classic example of the "justice" system failing to live up to its name.
    They should be shaved, sterilized and destroyed.
  7. Offer
    Come quickly Niburu, we're barely hanging on!!!1
  8. Faster
    burn her like a witch
  9. trevon
    pussy is pussy... i dont really care, it was easy rape...

    ahh, pussy is pussy... i don't really care. It was an easy rape o_O... i hope i don't get caught in the future.
  10. fishbonehead
    They should've at least let me keep the rape since I'm being charged for it....
  11. j b
    This may be acting hoping to make a movie that will spread virally to a million different places. Maybe they are involved in some kind of competition who will reach a million first.

    However, if this interview is real, no acting, then .... No, I can't describe it.
  12. gigantes
    i don't think it takes a truckload of experience with some of today's kids to get the idea that this was real authentic and not some "guerilla marketing" or "viral stunt."

    no, this is more likely just a slice of real life, like it or not.
  13. mali22
    The best part is how they want to keep the money since they already got charged with stealing it
  14. Ed
    Obama voters.
  15. AndyOfBeaverton
    I'm sure they would be if they knew who he was.
  16. Shark
    I would have more respect for her if she was whoring herself for money than stealing from anyone.
  17. CharlesNorris00
    "I'm very worried about the charges. . . they should've let us keep the money."
    If this is real, the young women should do community service for the girl scouts organization. Maybe some values, morals, or common sense would rub off.
  18. Khysiek
    They should be sentenced to work one week in quarry, next time whty wouldn't be so dumb.
  19. Peanut
    The need time in the slammer. They have no morals, no conscience, no decency. Watch out fellas, 'cause they will take you for a ride.

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