Bizarre Car Crash in California (6 pics)

Customers at the shopping center in Claremont, California, witnessed a really weird car accident that gives a new meaning to the term “double parking.”


A driver in a 1994 Honda Accord was backing his vehicle out of a parking lot. Suddenly the car jerked forward, flattened the handicapped parking sign and using the sign as a ramp landed on the top of a 1998 Lexus SC 300. Though both cars got seriously damaged, no one was hurt in the accident. The driver of the Honda claimed that the accelerator became stuck and he lost control.


Tow truck drivers hooked up the Honda to a hydraulic pulley to dislodge it from the top of the Lexus.



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  3. r151
    1. Accelerators don't just suddenly become stuck, people's feet do.
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  4. Complete
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    What Complete said..
  5. Philadelphia Lawyer
    Wow! You have to be talented to fly onto another car like that. Very impressive.

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