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The Winners of the Wikimedia Commons Picture Contest (19 pics + 1 gif)

Posted by Xaniel in Arts » Photography   14 Aug 2012   / 7721 views

The results of the 6th Annual Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year contest have been announced recently. About 600 photographs had been submitted for the contest and here are the pictures that received the most points in the community voting.


23rd Place – Hurricane Isabel Captured from ISS

18th Place – Two Boys at the Beach Playing

16th Place – A Snowy Ski Lift on Top of Areskutan in Sweden

16th Place – Balloon Inflating in Cappadocia

13th Place – Space Shuttle Discovery Under a Full Moon

13th Place – Into the Jaws of Death

12th Place – Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Rests on Beach in Mexico

12th Place – Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany

11th Place – Entrance to the Saint Petersburg Mosque

10th Place – The Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge

9th Place – Unrolling a Circle’s Circumference

7th Place – Red Deer in Freyr Forest Near Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium

6th Place – Freight Train Ploughs Through Snow Drifts

5th Place – Train Crossing the Cize – Bolozon Viaduct Over the Ain River

5th Place – Baobab Tree Near Morondava, Madagascar

4th Place – Portrait of the Common Wasp

4th Place – Marsh Wren in Quebec, Canada

3rd Place – Cueva de los Verdes, Canary Islands, Spain

2nd Place – Self Portrait of Tracy Caldwell Dyson in the Cupola Module of the ISS

1st Place – Lake Bondhus in Norway

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