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  1. Labour
    Nice car, but the buyer is one stupid ass m0f0...
  2. eldoonfeeb
    How long before the new owner, who has more money than driving ability, wrecks this thing?
  3. Mr. Ree
    I would have bought it, but then I found out it only gets 3 miles per gallon (which is outrageous), so I withdrew my bid.
  4. August
    Does 90mph in 1st gear if my memory serves.
  5. gigantes
    hate to say it, but i've seen much prettier can am and le mans cars. although i'm sure it's a beast beneath the hood and all that stuff...
  6. ALeach
    Did Leno buy it? This type of buy seems right up his alley.
  7. Offer

    good lord, i think if i see a better looking car ill cream myself

    those thing were absolute terrors on the track too
  8. gigantes                    show commment
  9. SuckaMC
    I dont think you get the whole picture g... It's the entire package of what this car is... the records it has... the way it kicked Enzo in the balls... all of this on top of it's amazing looks... Aesthetics AND Meaning.... Show me another car that has that? Oh and I did your lil google search... I think all that this shows is that not only do you not have your facts straight... you also have a poor sense of what is beautiful....
  10. Martial
    American my ass, built and designed in England.
    One of the most important racecars ever made.

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