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  1. eco26
    Meiji Seika(confectionary company) launched “Apollo Chocolate” in 1969. It is still popular among the Japanese children.
  2. Sister
    Unfathomable to do what they did with almost no computing power.
    Hats off to the bravest Boilermaker that ever lived.
  3. bobbykewl
    Cool! I can't believe there are a**holes who believe this was all faked though.
  4. Mr. Ree
    It is a shame that none of the astronauts have come forward with a book that details what they REALLY discovered on the moon. NASA won't let that happen so until that happens, all we read about is the rumors...
  5. ninja
    the biggest lie of all time..americand never went to the moon..but stupid people still believe i's true..
  6. Following
    When you can't do something, claim that no one else can either. Evidence be damned.
  7. SuckaMC
    Studs... the lot of em... even before they left the planet...
  8. jay.gonus
    Speaking of evidence, the pictures are a hoax. The lighting is in multiple directions at times, there is no crater underneath the 5 ton thrust producing nozzle. The men leave deep footprints, but the LEM, which must way 3k pounds or so, just sits neatly atop the dust. Speaking of neat, look how neat the landing legs are. They should be covered by dust kicked up by the nozzle. Not to mention film cannot survive the extreme temps of the moon (+130 to - 150 degrees F). We probably did go to the moon, but film could not survive, so they shot these in a studio. They had to have "evidence".

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