The swamps of Sudd in South Sudan are among the largest wetlands in the world. Located in the delta of White Nile, it covers the average area of 30,000 sq. km. During the raining season the wetland can extend to over 130,000 sq. km, which is as much as the size of England. The Sudd is considered almost impenetrable overland or by boat. The abundant water-loving plants form the massive moving blocks. The swamps of Sudd are inhabited by the Dinkas, one the Sudanese ethnic groups.


The Impassable Swamps of Sudd

Laura Summers, 27, is a British model who has one overwhelming obsession. Peers used to bully Laura for her looks when she was at school, so the young woman decided to improve her appearance at all cost. Summers had her first plastic surgery at the age of 20 and kept on having all sorts of nips and tucks since then. After 18 surgeries which altogether cost about $95,000 Laura thought that it would be good to make her lips plumper, but the jab resulted in serious inflammation. The model took lip surgery again… And again…


The Victim of Silicone


And nobody seems to care a lot…