The Evolution of Josh Peck (16 pics)

See what the star of Nickelodeon’s Josh & Drake sitcom looks now.


Remember this?

And this?

And this?

Remember these clothes?

And remember that hair?

Well at some point he started to change...

He grew long hair (and flat ironed it)

Got really fit!

Ditched the long hair...

Grew a beard...

Then it was a mustache...

Good bye over sized clothes! Welcome to dapper-ville!

Hello new Josh!

All grown'd up

Now he's hot, the end!


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  1. LOLMASTER5000
    Ohh GOOOOOD for yoOOOO-ou.
  2. Rocket Queen
    You can note the liposuction on pic 15.
  3. jamie.partney
    He was a big boy.... What do you think all that skin magically would disappear? Some reconstructive surgery was probably necessary. He has muscle definition though, and seemed to lose most of it in his younger years. Im sure he worked for most of the results he has!!!
  4. wow
    damn, motivation mode: ON
    im handsome but fat as he was, now im going to get fit and rid of the fat that hides my handsomeness
  5. Oksana
    He looks great. But what's wrong with his chest on the last pictures?
    Oksana, @Oksana - Maybe he had pseudo-gynecomastia (like most of fat men), so he needed to remove his "moobs" in order to look flat-chested
  7. GuidanceStar
    He looks amazing! But something smells like liposuction in there!
  8. Doubt it--kids grow into their bodies and everything adjusts. It's when you lose weight late in life or hundreds of pounds that the skin can't adjust. This guy evolved from a kid--he wasn't a 'fat man.' Why not take hope instead of bashing?
  9. JennaBrant
    Anyone else notice that in Picture 15 he has no navel???
  10. pete.roan
    No one is perfect.
    Say that several times a day you'll feel much better.
  11. axel.gari
    antes era una bola de grasa y de manteca , estaba gordinflonsisimo, pero era graciosisimo, ahora es un buen mozo pero es aburridisimo!!!
  12. ya, if only hed never done the drugs that caused him to get super skinny in the first place

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