Funny Set of GIFs to Share Your Appreciation (21 gifs)



When words are not enough, these congratulatory animated GIFs will come in handy.


When someone or something is just too good

When excellent judgement is displayed

When someone makes a zinger

When you just have to tip your hat to someone

When someone gives you something to think about

When you are thoroughly impressed

When you expected the worst but got the best

Just a good, solid comment worthy of praise

When not one, but two exclamations are in order

When you reluctantly agree

When perfection is witnessed

When someone makes a witty retort

When someone says something everyone can agree with

When a comment worthy of a King’s praise is made

When someone makes a really good point

When someone figures something out

When you appreciate someone’s effort

When someone wins an argument about nothing

When you are in complete agreeance with someone

When someone or something deserves a standing ovation

When a good, solid thumbs up is called for


image description
  1. Martial
    1st? what game?
  2. Experience
    Blizzard/korean guy == StarCraft
  3. jpegger
    The contextual clue gathering is strong with this one . . .

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