That’s How They Deal with Beggars in China (8 pics)

Organizers of a religious folk festival found a weird way to prevent beggars from wandering around the fair and “spoiling the fun.”


Small zoo-like cages were built at the temple fair in Nanchang, China, for beggars to sit in. The fair attracts thousands of pilgrims annually and the organizers claim that vagrants turning up and asking for charity have become a real problem. Beggars enter the cages voluntary and are free to leave them at any time, but they will be banished from the city if they do so.



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  1. Mr. Ree
    Now, if we could only do that with the blacks in the USA but I'm not sure there's enough steel in the world to make that many cages.

    <----- at the very least, this thing (to the left) needs to be caged.
  2. sym
    Hey Mr. Ree, this is izismile admin. Calm down a bit with your racist jokes because there are limits not to cross here. Otherwise you'll be banned for one week or two to get your mind right.
    Take care.
  3. Mr. Ree
    Sorry about that. Maybe you could post some more pics of chicks with dicks, transsexuals, transvestites or some of the other perverted stuff you usually feature here everyday.
  4. Carwash
    well hello my racist scum, i hate you with all my hearth- i hope you will die very soon.

    btw Im not even black.
  5. tjmohr
  6. Treasure
    Gotta love China!
    They do things right.
  7. lobo
    well Treasure, why don't you go and live in China, maybe you will end in one of those cages
  8. ptpie
    poor chinamen
  9. gigantes
    judging a culture from thousands of miles away... great way to act like a bigshot while knowing next to nothing about the whole situation.
  10. Cancamuso
    As long as they don't force them into de cages I think is a good thing to do. And people still can approach to give them food or money.

    In some places of China, beggars are force to steal by the mob. Usually from Sichuan (province in the west of China).

    btw I'm not Chinese. I just live in a building with 8000 people in China.
  11. loomy
    whats written on the sings on the cages?

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