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Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 19 (18 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   17 Oct 2012   / 14682 views

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Your hairdresser when you say, “just a trim”:

When someone near you is wearing too much perfume:

When you try to take your sock off with the other foot:

When your order is ready at McDonalds:

When you visit your grandmother’s house:

When you wake up to the smell of bacon being cooked:

When you finish eating a bag of chips:

When you overhear friends talking about you and they say you’re cool:

When you watch a reality show with your girlfriend:

When you get home from the gym:

When you look at things you wrote over a year ago:

When someone falls for a prank you set up:

When you go the dentist:

Whenever you try to fix something:

When the clock hits 5 on a Friday and you’re in the middle of work:

When someone tries to tickle you:

When you’re drinking and the buzz starts to hit you:

When you’re in the dressing room at a store and the outfit you try on looks amazing:

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