The Strength of the Human Spirit: Inspirational Sandy Survivors (28 pics)



Post Hurricane Sandy, it is truly heart-warming to see people reach out of one another and offer help and support.


New Jersey

Hospital employees made a human chain passing containers of fuel up 13 flights of stairs to the backup generator at Bellevue Hospital

Breezy Point, Queens

A man carries his wife through water in Hoboken

"Don't Give Up The Ship" in Lindenhurst, New York

East Village residents keep warm by a bonfire

A rescue worker carries a boy away from his flooded home in Little Ferry, New Jersey

People using Facebook to help each other

Little Ferry, New Jersey

Sandy didn't stop these girls from trick-or-treating in Staten Island

This little guy

A doctor in Manhattan offering free medical services

Staten Island

A firefighter rescuing a dog

This little dog was rescued in a house fire in Long Island

Kids helping kids

Restaurants in NYC giving away free food

President Obama and Governor Chris Christie coming together despite political differences

A little girl gives muffins to National Guard soldiers in Hoboken

A dog named Shaggy is lifted out of a truck after being rescued in Hoboken

New Yorkers generate power by bicycle


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  1. ejazzyjeff
    What a big difference between Katrina and Sandy. The survivors of Sandy are taking care of themselves and not screaming for handouts from the government, nor people claiming of cannibalism! And yes I do live in New Jersey and very thankful that I did not receive the brunt end of the hurricane.
  2. Mr. Ree
    That's because George Bush doesn't like black people, right?
  3. senthilmon
    Love you all good hearts.....

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