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  1. gigantes
    #28- "Robinson biographer Wil Haygood stated during a September 25, 2010 book festival appearance that Doyle was pushing himself to fight to "buy his mother a house, and after Doyle's death in 1947, Robinson gave the earnings of his next four fights to Doyle's mother, so she could buy that house." --WP

    way to go, sugar ray...
  2. eco26
    #1 NES is called "family computer" in Japan.
  3. SuckaMC
    One of the best posts yet!....
    And btw.. if you own any Nintendo products and have ANY problems make SURE you call their customer service... They are the best customer service you will ever run into... fixed my wii even tho it was out of warranty AND added 2 years to the warranty... for free.. even shipping... amazing and helpful people..
  4. fluke939
    #21 I've personally been to at least two bars that have a stock market system for the drinks here in the UK. I didn't think they were that special
  5. rikki_doxx
    #10 - And congress investigated him to find out how and where he got is money (gold at the time).

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