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  1. Jayzen Freeze
    Right on I did this with 2 kittens within a year one after it was healthy found him/her dont remember gender a home then the second one was over a year so not really a kitten owner apparently moved and just tossed her out she was even declawed so she couldn't hunt or defend her self weak and malnourished I brought her back to health she is sitting on my lap as I type this with the last winter past she would not have made it to be here today. spay and nuder pets there is already sooo many out there all ready that need a good home. Kudos if you actually read all this.
  2. Elbereth
    Well done that chap, it shows that there is still some feeling left in this sad old world. Gives us good feelings for any who do these acts.
  3. Jayzen Freeze
    Also forgive my punctuation or lack there of I just woke up.
  4. Astaroth
    Many karma points for this good human.
  5. Peanut
    Great post. Love stories like this where someone saves an animal.
    Two thumbs up to you, too, Jayzen Freeze. There are so many animals in dire straits, and so few people to help.
  6. Mr. Ree
    Good job! I would name him 'Jesus' cause you brought him back from the dead!


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