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  1. Gorfian
    I used one of these at college. It was rubbish (even back then).
  2. crispy
    Had the Compaq version. They weren't rubbish. They were state of the art back then. You can't look at them with today's mindset.
  3. gigantes
    uh... he wasn't. he was looking at it as someone who knew it back then.

    ANYWAY, i would argue that the first home PC's were just as portable as that clunker. my friends and i used to carry our early PC's (apple, commodore, sinclair) in a small case with all the necessary cables included. true, you needed to carry a monitor, too, but you could also SEE what you were looking at and have a lot more flexibility and choices all around...
  4. lordfly911
    I had a friend in Junior High that had one. I was impressed.
  5. looks like an automatic sewing machine

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