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The Worst Location for a House: the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird   23 Nov 2012   / 11114 views

When the local government of the city of Wenling, China, decided to build a new motorway, they offered all residents occupying the land, relocation compensation. However, this elderly couple refused to move as they felt that the offer was too low to cover the cost of rebuilding. As a result, the motorway was built around their home and the house now stands right in the middle of the newly built motorway. Cars travelling on the road are forced to drive around the stranded building.


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Comments (3):

Mr. Ree 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
The Chinese government must be getting soft. In the 'old days' they would have just shot the residents and plowed over their home.

Awwww...Don't like my comment?
Do you think I give a crap what you think?
Datzkunk 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
Since they didn't divert the motorway around the house, they probably figure the residents are going to cave eventually. That or die. (mysteriously?)
jpegger 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
I'm surprised they didn't exercise Chinese imminent domain as described so accurately by Mr. Ree.
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