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Quirky and Creative Family, Christmas Card Ideas (22 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   4 Dec 2012   / 27915 views

Put that old record collection to good use:

Dress up in embarrassing outfits:

Or, better yet, just dress up your kids in embarrassing outfits:

Go for that awkward family photo look:

Turn yourselves into a gingerbread family:

Or a candy cane:

Or a Christmas tree:

Place a Mad Lib on the inside:

Just add bacon:

Show off your interests:

Make a bad pun like this one:


Or this one:

Treat your kids like the adults:

Show off your Silent Night:

Re-enact your favorite holiday film:

Get the pets involved:

No really, use your pets:

Use these kitschy paper props:

Line up the usual suspects:

Steal Santa’s cookies:

Get a little dangerous:

Turn your family into a comic book:

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