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People Who Should Be Banned from Facebook in 2013 (32 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Facebook   17 Dec 2012   / 17577 views

People who try to be way too deep:

People who don't know when Halloween is:

People who don't know how to use spellcheck:

People who don't check out their surroundings before taking a selfie:

People who don't know how an escalator works:

People who have no idea how a fan works:

People who have no idea who celebrates Thanksgiving:

The person that won't leave this poor girl alone:

People who don't know what a comma is:

People not up-to-date on the current situation of the solar system:

People unfamiliar with very, very popular birds:

People have no idea how the Internet works:

People who clearly missed the first part of the movie "Titanic:"

People who are in for a very rough week:

People looking for work in all the wrong places:

People unfamiliar with even the most basic geography:

People unfamiliar with the country of South Korea:

People who might have a very serious heart condition:

People who try to insult a man with ice cream:

People oblivious to their own duck-facing ways:

People who answer their own status's question:

People who pull this kind of stuff:

People who have never seen a calendar:

People lobbying for a "Romeo and Juliet" theme park:

People who like to put their tongue in strange places:


People lamenting the loss of giant houses:

And, worst of all, people like this:

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neer9511 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
facebook will be empty, if these people excluded
E-Wok 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Facebook is a dying old whore filled to the brim with all sorts of aids !!
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