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The Best, 2012 Satellite Images from DigitalGlobe (20 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography   18 Dec 2012   / 8735 views

These pics are selected by DigitalGlobe from this year’s archive images on three different satellites. The public is invited to vote for the best images via Facebook and the winner will be announced in January 2013.


Monte Carlo, Monaco - annual yacht show

Antarctica - calving shown

Koolan Island, Australia - iron ore mine

Bahrain - grid pattern on the sea floor

Subi Reef, China - controversial construction of a possible landing strip, buildings, and wharfs

Chile - Chuquicamata copper mine

Chile - Andes, Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos volcanic chain

Sandouping, China - Three Gorges Dam

Italy - Costa Concordia

Japan - Mt. Fuji, highest peak in Japan

Tokyo, Japan - Skytree, tallest self supported structure in Asia

Greenland - Petermann Glacier, massive icebergs calve

Nevada - Burning Man festival

Jacobabad, Pakistan - flood, false color image (dark blue and black = water)

New Mexico - Space Shuttle Endeavour atop a 747

Homs, Syria - pipeline fire

London, UK - Olympic village

Northern England - mine sculpture known as "The Lady of the North"

Reading, Vermont - fall colors

Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City - easter

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