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A Nostalgic Look at Gifts of Christmases Past (49 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Random » Awesome   19 Dec 2012   / 17667 views

These stylin' roller skates

Or a fresh pair of Moon Shoes/shoes that will wreck your ankles

The best movie tie-in ever, the Talkboy

A robot dog that does flips, the Poo-chi

The hip alternative to the Game Boy

Or the original Game Boy

Or maybe the ORIGINAL MP3 player

Lazer Tag: the much less wet alternative to Super Soakers

Yak Baks


Hot Shot Basketball

A whole bunch of sweet, sweet orange tapes

Or the original portable DVD player

The Rolls-Royce of two-wheeled vehicles

Or the Rolls-Royce of finger transportation

The board game with the best jingle ever

Quite possibly the most stressful game ever made

See-through phones

An oven that uses a lightbulb but still somehow makes delicious, EZ food

An Echo Mic

Tamagotchis, a fake pet that somehow still poops everywhere

An even faker pet that still poops everywhere, Digimon

Velcro Catch


The future of art

Or just every art supply you ever need

Or just these strange, strange things


Or maybe Gak's strange, mutant cousin, Floam

Sky Dancers, a fun toy that will also knock out your eye


Or Legos. Choose your own adventure

Zoo Books

Super Soakers

Any game with these guys in them

A brand-new sports car

Or a brand-new SUV

A fresh, new pack of crayons hot off the presses

Or a brand-spankin'-new pack of these bad boys

A sweet-smelling Koosh

The original digital camera

Fine trivia

A brand-new map

A Skip-It, because everyone needs the "ball and chain" experience

New kicks

Polly Pocket

Or Mighty Max

24-carat jelly jewelry

And a bunch of Beanie Babies, which will all definitely be worth thousands of dollars some day

One of these bad boys

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#19 This food tasted like shit. It was not "delicious".