The Most Awesome Photobombs of 2012 (30 pics + 4 gifs)



The OK Cupid photobomb

This incredibly talented celebrity photobomber

Ryan Seacrest photobombing Gary Lineker

The photobomb that will haunt your dreams forever

The derpy bikinibomb

The love-making giraffes photobomb

The scariest photobomb ever

The surprised-cat-ruining-a-selfie photobomb

The dog who photobombed the sexy photoshoot

Keanu Reeves photobombing a bunch of drunk girls dressed as Ninja Turtles

The time a pig man photobombed Paris Hilton

The kids who photobombed the President with a surprise kiss

Seal photobomb

The drink-spill photobomb

The Colbert photobomb

The smiling creepy sawfish photobomb

The epic proposal photobomb


The dog butt photobomb

Tina Feytobomb

The mischievous emu photobomb

The adorable tail photobomb

This guy

The legendary Mitt Romney Chipotle photobomber

The magical slothobomb

And the photobomb that changed the world: The stingray photobomb

The angry-robot newscast photobomb

Live-action basketball photobomb

The Chris Bosh photobomb

Tina Feytobomb part 2


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  1. Roston
    Where the hell is romobomb?!

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