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Some of the Best Gifs of 2012 (54 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   21 Dec 2012   / 75879 views

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Gary Oldman telling everyone how he really feels

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face

Tupac's new status as Jedi master

And a very flustered Anderson Cooper

This girl's smile

Brian Wilson singing "We Will Will Rock You" the only way he could

The man who disintegrated his sunglasses

And this guy

The kiss that rocked the world

The ultimate photobomb

This super-pumped bro

Captain Picard kinda sorta saying hello, maybe

And George Costanza thinking it's pretty freaking great

This weird thing

This even weirder thing

And the weirdest thing

The fat Spider-Man that refuses to stop dancing

And Lana Del Ray dancing in this microwave

Chill skater Obama

"Single Ladies" Obama

And the always adorable Dalai Lama

The best day of Cookie Monster's life

And Batman and Robin discovering the Pizza Hut cheeseburger pizza

But of course the ultimate and final GIF star of the year was...

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