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  1. Sarkazmo
    Although this is very cool it's simply too small for even a single Goldfish. Goldfish require a large volume of water compared to their body size. This would be good for a single Betta or a colony of Red Cherry (or other variety) Shrimp or a couple other micro fish which don't require a large volume of water. Keeping fish is not just about water quality. Fish need room and some require a lot more room than others.
  2. gigantes
    also, i doubt the plants could really be "any." there are many plants that are toxic to various land animals, and i would be greatly surprised if the same wasn't true for small fish. and the reverse could be true- some plants might be complimentary to a fish's health.
  3. Sarkazmo
    They'd have to be margin plants, ie: plants that grow along water ways or in swamps/bogs, as their roots will be wet pretty much continuously. I'm sure there are plants that could be harmful to fish but to be honest I can't think of any right now. There are a few water plants that release toxins in the water if they're damaged. The above commercial device is pretty simple and easily made using just off the shelf containers and such for next to nothing if you feel like experimenting.
  4. hiigara
    could you not have even a tiny fish in there?

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