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Go Home, You’re Drunk (23 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   11 Jan 2013   / 19426 views

This moon that started drinking way too early

This hammered sign

This shitfaced door

This intoxicated truck

This road that is totally going to throw up later

This three-sheets-to-the-wind boat

This door that got kicked out of the bar, like, two hours ago

This inebriated plane

This wasted trampoline

These trees that refuse to leave your party

This hammered horse

This intoxicated rainbow

This lightning that can't hold its whisky

This tree that started the night with a bottle of Steel Reserve

This buzzed bread

Optimus Prime after a pub crawl

This smashed alphabet

This bike lane that thought jello shots were a good idea

This crunk clock

These plastered buildings

This wrecked snail

This window that is trying to tell you it's "totally fine to drive"

And Bruce the cow

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