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The Story of Francis The Dog That Warmed Hearts Around The World (31 pics)

Posted in Animals   11 Jan 2013   / 8758 views

On a cold night in Febuary Francis was found in a box on the side of the road. They thought he was dead until they noticed his faint breathing...


They took him home first, then in the morning he was taken to CARA the local animal shelter. It was there that they discovered he was in a deep coma.

CARA did everything they could to revive him. There was a party for him on valentines day where he had lots of visitors.

A little boy who came to visit.

Fluffy also came for a visit.

Many people left valentines day messages for Francis filled with warmth and good wishes.

A miracle happend, he opend his eyes and started to make sounds, he was finally awake.

Francis needed physical therapy to regain control of his muscles. He started with his eyes and neck, he was now able to lift his head.

Then it came time for him to stand on his own feet.

Francis then began to walk, his progress was amazing.

He was a fighter, and he had fought well to recover.

He needed some more partying.

Francis even went to fashion shows.

He loves to play games.

Getting some much needed sleep.

Spending time with his physical therapist.

Look how far Francis has come.

He is now recovered, healthy and in good hands.

Francis has a new friend now.

Celebrating Christmas with his seasonal scarf.

CARA decided to keep Francis instead of finding him a new home, so that he may serve as a mascot in order to raise funding for other animals in need. He travels to special events to raise this much needed funding.

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Great story. Wish they all had a happy ending.
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