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  1. Unknown
    When is it that the Chinese will evolve ?
    They have eaten and even huge stock of rice, then what they expect to join the human level ?
  2. kaveeta84                    show commment -7
  3. r151
    Kaveeta84, so, what? Just go ahead and let them get eaten? Exactly what's your argument here??
  4. cnacna
    He thinks cats are tasty...
  5. kaveeta84
    Yes, let them get eaten. There is no place for them in this world anyways, at least these lot. I understand that our cultures cherish cats but ultimately those people who eat cats never hurt anybody. They were bred and fed for the same purpose as chickens. You eat one animal, you should be able to eat them all if you can breed them in enough numbers. Our attachment to cats and the argument that some animals should not be slaughtered because they are smarter, or have consciousness is laughable. We actually eat some animals that are pretty damn smart, like octopus. In the end it's the self-righteous telling people of different culture to look at the world from their own bias.
  6. izabeladarraj
    there shouldn't be place for humans on this planet, we r the worst animals...

    i hate asians
  7. Mr. Ree
    So, how is cat prepared? Fried? Broiled? Baked?

    Every time I've eaten 'cat', it's always been raw, but juicy.

  8. Peanut
    There is no place in the world for most of us either. Just ask the elite.

    The Chinese treat other species with horrific cruelty, showing no mercy, no compassion, no empathy.

    Want to know how the Chinese kill a dog for food? They take him by his tail, swing him around and bash his head on the ground, then tie him up by his legs and start skinning him alive while he screams in agony. But what can you expect from people who treat their workers like garbage.

    We wrote thousands of letters and sent hundreds of petitions to the Chinese government protesting the treatment of ordinary workers, who were committing suicide by jumping off of tops of buildings they worked at. The solution? Put up nets and catch them. Great, eh?

    Don't kid yourself, kaveeta84. Plenty get hurt.
  9. kaveeta84
    You guys are not addressing the real issue here. It's not about being Chinese or their lifestyle, or the abuse that they did to animals and each other.

    It's about 'equal' treatment of animals when it comes to food source. So long as it would not drive them to extinction, eat them. Heck, I'm a Muslim. My choices in food has limits but I don't look upon people who eat pork with disgust. Just because I can't or unwilling to does not mean everyone should suffer the same, you know what I mean?

    I never said we should torture these animals in order to kill them. Slaughter respectfully. Anyway, the discussion should be limited animals as food source.
  10. Cancamuso
    Chinese people use to say that a Cantonese person can eat everything. And I agree.

    But this is not new.

    Sometimes I hate living in China...

    About Kaveeta84's comment. You're right. In Spain, during the civil war, people used to eat cats because it tasted like rabbit.
  11. Mr. Ree
    ...but, but, but Rabbit tastes like chicken, so are you saying that cat tastes like chicken?

  12. Peanut
    All humanity is, is a hunk of meat with thumbs. Some people would eat anything, including other humans.

    I beg to differ, kaveeta84. Take a good look at those pictures, and tell me it isn't about abuse.

    take a good look at the picture
  13. ChrisR
    Keeping them "stored" like that sure is cruel. Using them for food is no different than eating cows pigs or sheep. Or whatever other animals are used for food. The fact that many find cats cute doesn't make it crueler to eat them.

    All "food animals" deserve proper tratment while they are alive, though.
  14. Peanut
    There are many animal lovers who eat meat. They are demanding humane treatment of all animals and a quick kill when their time comes. Vegetarians and Vegans work with them to reach that goal.
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