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  1. rikki_doxx
    Huh? They go on a show and they know they have the possibility of being rejected (never watched the show nor do I care to) they'd prep themselves for that rejection? OTOH - the guy(s) are nuts.
  2. domn8jr
    Oh no they got dumped on a reality dating show thier lives are over. If you have to go on a reality dating show you probably didn't have much of a life to start with. What a bunch of looses.
  3. Fats-T
    Yeah, it's not the love, its the money they didn't get.
  4. gigantes
    i don't get it. did they really stand to make a lot of money if they had been 'approved'? (or however that works)

    but i can definitely understand women breaking down when they really had their hearts set on something. better to cry up front than fall in to depression. we men could learn something from that...

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