The Internet Has Brought Us These Great Things (32 pics)


Oatmeal cookies:

The hardest choice you'll ever have to make:

Nicolas Cage in Serbia:

An unpleasant smile:

Something you wouldn't wish on your greatest enemies:

Naan finally gets a theme song:

Christmas Adam:

Aziz in the yearbook:

Obama IS Frozone:

Quoth the raven:

True panic:

Which is funnier?:

The Burger King of kings:

Grandma preventing World War III:

Hardcore menstruation:

Parenting 101:

Officer Booty:

Drug PSA:


Nitrogen gets its due:

Deep thoughts:

We found him:

Great information:

Into the abyss:

Avril La-sea-n:

All you need is SWAG:

Remember the 1770s?:

Crab Lord:

Like it's $19.99:

The greatest pun ever:

And the greatest story ever:


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  1. Elbereth
    #1 Sounds familiar, it does happen. Perhaps not always with a sloth.

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