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Toys For Adults You Could Own If You Were Rich (21 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design   13 Feb 2013   / 13965 views

There are some luxury items that the average working adult will never be able to afford as they are exclusively targeted at at the elite “one percent” of the population. But they’re ridiculous anyway so we don’t really care.


Electric Skates: $699.99
Large Chess Pieces: $599.99
Personalized Backyard Ice Rink: $699.99
Continuous Practice Golf Course: $799.95

Inflatable Walk On Water Mat: $999.95


iPod Jukebox: $1,495.99
Pac-Man Cocktail Table: $3,500
The Floating Rope Swing: $3,800
Classic Snow Cone Cart: $4,000
Human Bowling Ball: $4,500
Inflatable Water Park: $7,999.99
Mustang Pool Table: $9,995
Inflatable Obstacle Course: $12,500
Motorized Monocycle: $13,000
The Skier-Controlled Tow Boat: $17,000
Personalized Whac-A-Mole Game: $35,000
Barbecue Dining Boat: $50,000
The Light Cycle: $50,000
Stock Car Racing Simulator: $60,000
The Killer Whale Submarine: $100,000
The Flying Hovercraft: $190,000

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