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What a Lucky Escape (21 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   13 Feb 2013   / 10541 views

This possible head injury turned accidental win

This sneak attack

This well-placed wipeout

This man who is thankfully a centimeter too short

This surprisingly svelte snowmobile

This lucky bastard who somehow always lands on his feet

This pedestrian who just barely remembered to look both ways

That one time with that meandering firefighter

This "damn, nature, you scary" moment

This slow-motion car crash saved by one super human

This narrowly avoided 20-story fall

This truck driver who narrowly avoided becoming Captain America's best friend

This pilot who literally just perfected his nosedive

The cop who now has no urge to get a second slice of cake ever

This photographer who doesn't love his job so much anymore

That time everyone wanted to play leapfrog in cars

This time a giant metal monster was waiting for this surprised snowboarder

These people who almost starred in a documentary about Jaws

This one time a truck stalled in the absolute worst place

This dad who thankfully has the best hand-eye coordination

That one time Grandma was forced to give a fuck

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meukr 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#18 is from a crappy movie called "the reef"