Only Nerds Will Get Worked Up By These Things… (19 pics)



People who call Wario "Green Mario":

People calling Red Luigi "Zelda":

People who try to play NES games on an N64:

People who think Metroid is a girl:

People who think Obi Wan Kenobi piloted a starship:

People who think Bilbo Baggins is from Harry Potter:

People who misquote Yoda:

People who think the Millennium Falcon is the Starprise Entership:

People Who Think Superman was in the Avengers:

People who think Transformers are real:

People who think that Neil Armstrong had his Tour De France victories taken away:

Someone claiming that this is Doctor Who. Doctor Who is played by Matt Smith.

People who think that Frodo Baggins is Dobby:

Someone claiming that Gandalf is from Stargate:

Someone saying that Spac is from Star Wars, not Star Trek:

Michael Bay not realizing that the ninja turtles were ALWAYS aliens:

People who think Christmas exists in the Star Wars universe:

People who try to use microphones while playing the Wii:

People who think Zelda is a grill:


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  1. Ravenous
    #3 well... that's a SNES not an N64... yes i'm a nerd.
  2. I hope the captions labeling these pictures were intentionally wrong in the spirit of the stupidity in the pictures
  3. chuck3610
    I agree chris, there are many things wrong here!!!
  4. Astaroth
    A lot of wrong things.
  5. #16 I thought that the TMNT were just regular turtles that an old master cared for. Then they were splashed with radioactive waste and they all mutated. So in fact they are NOT Aliens. NERD ALERT
  6. JohnnyIgaloo
    I don't get the Doctor Who one.
  7. People often call The Doctor "Doctor Who" when that isn't his name. That, and the joke of the caption is that whoever wrote it "misunderstood" the picture, as if they never knew about the tenth Doctor, and though the current Doctor (Matt Smith) was the only actor to play him.
  8. Mr. Ree
    #9 - take a closer look at the picture...

  9. PennyOfHedon
    Ignoring the obvious Nerd Rage Bait of getting the names so hilariously wrong in #4, the sexist douchebag is clueless. Samus would leave Link a pile of fairy ashes before she even finishes her coffee in the morning.
  10. Peanut
    #11 is hilarious.
  11. Pippin
    Bilbo Baggins :)

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