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These People Get a Prize for Awesomeness (29 pics)

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This lottery winner:

The only guy on a flight:

This guy eating lasagna:

Someone in line with this woman:

This pick-up artist:

This new parent:

Tony Hawk's daughter:

The person who witnessed this:

Tom from Myspace:

A photographer taking pictures of Jim Carrey:

An employee at AOL when this happened:

Stephen with a Ph.D.:

The person who took this picture:

A patron at this bar:

Someone in North Korea:

This jogger:

A person on this flight:

This guy:

This baby that got a pony for Christmas:

This woman, who got photobombed by a giraffe:

The recipient of this note:

The first person to help put a sloth in space:

One of this guy's friends:

King Lamp:

Someone recovering from a stabbing:

Champion of the car salesmen:

The neighbor of the guy in 3F:

Chris Weather:

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gigantes 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
sweet. started pretty slowly but hit full-on awesomeness by the middle...
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