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The World’s Oldest Marathon Runner (14 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   26 Feb 2013   / 3494 views

Fauja Singh, a 101 year old man prepares to run his final race.


He is a 101-year-old Indian-born British national.

And oh yeah. He's a badass.

He has a killer beard that splits in two and carries him like wings.

He also rocks an awesome, yellow dastar (or turban).

This weekend he will be competing in his last race ever.

In a press conference ahead of this Sunday's 10km race in Hong Kong, Singh hesitated to use the word "retire," even though this will be his final race.

"I do not really want to hear the word 'retire' because I can still run and jump on a bus. It's a (sense of) negativity that I have never experienced before."

"I fear that when I stop running, people will no longer love me. At the moment, everyone loves me... I hope nobody will forget or ignore me."

"When you become old, you become like a child and you want the attention."

So as Singh races for the final time this weekend.

Let's do him a favor.

And give him a little attention.

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I wonder how much this group of sweaty indians must stink... BAzinga !