The NBA Player Whose House Resembled a Dumpster (27 pics)

Former professional NBA player, Robert Swift initially refused to vacate his foreclosed home, which had been bought by a new owner for half the original price. However, once he eventually left, they found that the home was filthy and contained animal faeces, guns, bullets, clothes and other trash.


An El Camino without an engine.


Like a lot of trash.

Trash and guns.

Guns and trash.

A mannequin torso that was used to shoot guns at.

Bullets and shells from said guns.

More bullets and shells AND grass clippings. (?)

Full bottles of prescription drugs.

This delightful toilet.

Giant knives just laying around.


A classy poster.

Samurai swords.

A giant friggin' hole in the wall.

This Bud Light palm tree.

Apples to Apples and the Jonny Quest Card Game.

A giant jug of urine.

More classy posters.

An even classier Jack Sparrow mural.

With a kickass pirate ship.

A telescope.

Some silverware in the bathroom.

VHS tapes.

More shell casings.

Whatever this is.

And the scariest thing anyone has ever seen.


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  1. inoita11
    Wait, he shot mannequin not a real person?! I thought with his "military style" gun you could only shoot at real people...weird.
  2. Fats-T
    the box of prescription drugs says it all....
  3. oddbal
    #11 OMG the humanity of giant knives in the kitchen...

    #4 Guns are scarey, so everyone please go cower in a corner until you are sure it is safe to come out.
  4. gigantes
    looks like another case of arrested development thrown heaps of cash for a short while. not a rare story at all in the NBA.
  5. Mr. Ree
    White trash who happened to have a lot of money...

  6. White trash?...are there white guys in the NBA?
  7. gigantes
    no, but a few of the black players underwent a bleaching makeover in order to relate to the fans. :)

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