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Beautiful Heart-Warming Moments Captured on Film (35 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   15 Mar 2013   / 33840 views

Louis Armstrong played a song for his wife.

And this girl played a song for the chickens.

And a boy played a song for a cat.

This girl walked into a shelter finally ready to adopt again, and found her cat who'd been missing for a year.

A penguin made a new friend.

Friends made their own fun.

Two frogs got married.

A photographer met a fox.

A soldier met a joey.

Joey got to show the president his science fair project.

A boy's pet fawn watched him get on the school bus.

A sloth gave a hug.

These "dogs" carried a present.

An audition for black cats was held.

A man found his new best friend.

This butterfly found a landing spot.

The Dalai Lama met Mister Rogers.

These dogs switched beds.

This girl was feeling the music.

An elephant met a sea lion.

A puppy was the small spoon.

A tortoise and a kitten shared a snack.

She went on an adventure without leaving her house.

An umbrella was shared.

This boy looked out for his brother.

A Christmas wagon was pulled by corgis.

The First Lady visited Mr. T.

The front row had the best time.

This little dog thought the parade for the pope was just a lot of people happy to see him.

This gorilla got a checkup.

A tiny superhero watched her parents register their vote.

Audrey jumped.

A wedding had to go on.

And this dog discovered LEAVES!

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#14 Best dog costume ever.
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Really nice. Thanks for sharing.