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A Canadian Ghost Town That Is Stuck In Time (66 pics)

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Kitsault  is a town in British Columbia, Canada which has been abandoned for the past 30 years. The town was erected in 1979 due to the emergence of the American Mining Corporation Phelps Dodge and Molybdenum mine in the area and was originally intended as a base to house miners and their families. The town catered for 1200 residents and was equipped with shopping centres, schools and hospitals amongst many other things.


The initial set up of this infrastructure cost $250 million and was intended to create a comfortable life for the mine workers who would need to relocate there. 

However, in 1982 the price of molybdenum plummeted and forced the mine to close, which inevitably resulted in the removal of the town’s residents when the town became too pricey to maintain. For years, the only inhabitants of Kitsault were the caretaker and his wife.

Since then, a Canadian businessman named Krishnan Sufantiranu, has bought the town for $7 million although his plan for the city is not very clear.

Talk suggests that it might once again be open for molybdenum mining in the near future.

Scarily, a walk through Kisault shows house frozen in time with décor and furniture from the ‘80s and despite being abandoned for years, everything is as immaculate as it was when the inhabitants left in 1983.

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Comments (20):

edjd01 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
what an amazing place
gigantes 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
take me back, 1980's, take me back! why did i ever get sucked in to the craptastic 90's and 2000's?
jamiejowhite 4 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
The telephone book says 1977. You overstepped the mark with 1980. You did not get stuck here. You were advanced here. Since then you took several craps on the way.
Orlando 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
I would love to go there and check this place out. Great!!
zakibudek 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
there is still water in the pool?
your worried about water in the pool? how about why are the lights on, that means this place has power!?
An interesting sidebar for you, the electricity was supplied by the mine; there were no power meters fitted in any of the houses
jcalmac 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
bullshit !
Mr. Ree 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
It hasn't been deserted. The lawns are still being cut, the parking lots maintained, the swimming pool has CLEAR water in it, etc.

Awwww...Don't like my comment?
Do you think I give a crap what you think?
Big.Prof 4 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
you're not actually that dumb, are you? it says there's a caretaker.
Grate place to hide in case of zombie apocalypse
would rather live there with the bears than in UK with all the sharks !
Would move there in a heart beat and help maintain the place
dianegillis24 4 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
My Ex spent some of his childhood here along side his siblings as his Dad was the man who was hired to maintain Kitsult. I have seen pictures of them with a large halibut dragged on shore and heard stories of fishing along side of bears in the local stream. I was brought here 14 years ago and it was such weird site to see a beautiful town with no people. Hope the new owner does something with it.
Bumbelina 4 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
Kitsault how I miss you. I would move back in a heart beat.
I would love to move here in a heart beat! Looks like a really nice place to live :-)
chad.graham1 4 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
Almost all of those photos are mine and we're used without permission. You can check out my full set on Flickr. www.flickr.com/zpaperboyz then go to the Kitsault album.
JrCanuckFan 4 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
Thank you chad.graham1 for the photos! I was there just after the town was created and it looks just the same as I remember.
I would so love to live here. Get out of this over gadgeted society. If this place ever opens to the public to live in Im there!!Great place to raise a child, away from the techy now a days.
It was a brilliant little town full of some really quality mining people. The winters were cold and daylight was in short supply, the summers were brilliant with plenty of hunting fishing and rambling adventures. When there was a party on at the Rec Center, the whole town turned up from the mine manager to the newest labourer, everybody came. The friends we made there will last a lifetime. I'd move back in a heartbeat.
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