A Few Faces You Will Recognise from Childhood Movies… (46 pics)



As they are today!

The Goonies:
Mikey/Sean Astin

Chunk/Jeff Cohen

Data/Ke Huy Quan

Mouth/Corey Feldman

Brand/Josh Brolin

Andy/Kerri Green

Stef/Martha Plimpton

Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
Ferris/Matthew Broderick:

The maître d'/Jonathan Schmock

Cameron/Alan Ruck

Principal Rooney/Jeffrey Jones

Sloan/Mia Sara

The Sandlot:
Smalls/Tom Guiry

Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez/Mike Vitar

Squints/Chauncey Leopardi

Wendy Peffercorn/Marley Shelton

Ham/Patrick Renna

Jurassic Park:
Tim Murphy/Joseph Mazzello

Lex Murphy/Ariana Richards

Dr. Ellie Sattler/Laura Dern

Dr. Alan Grant/Sam Neill

That really annoying kid/Whit Hertford

The Neverending Story:
Atreyu/Noah Hathaway

The Childlike Empress/Tami Stronach

Elliott/Henry Thomas

Michael/Robert MacNaughton

Gertie/Drew Barrymore

A Christmas Story:
Ralphie/Peter Billingsley

Randy/Ian Petrella

Flick/Scott Schwartz

Scott Farkus/Zack Ward

The Princess Bride:
Inigo Montoya/Mandy Patinkin

Westley/Cary Elwes

Buttercup/Robin Wright

Grandson/Fred Savage

Vizzini/Wallace Shawn

Prince Humperdinck/Chris Sarandon

Count Tyrone Rugen/Christopher Guest

Hocus Pocus:
Dani/Thora Birtch

Max/Omri Katz

Sean Murray/Thackary Binx

Sarah Sanderson/Sarah Jessica Parker

Winnie Sanderson/Bette Midler

Mary Sanderson/Kathy Najimy

Ice/Larry Bagby

And, for good measure, here's what Beans from "Even Stevens" looks like now:


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  1. ThatOneChick
    Great post!
  2. mollyhubbard
    beans looks scary as fuck bro.
  3. Oksana
    As I see it doesn't take much to become a child movie star, quite often, red hair, freckles and unusually big teeth are more than enough.
    P.S. Thanks for Atreyu's picture, he seemed the most handsome boy in the world. And he still is cool!
  4. hectic!

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